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Social Nature Movement

Maybe it is time for a refresh: try a different operator and experience quality.
SNM built a business around the philosophy of nature-based experiences and human-powered movement. SNM facilitates immersive natural experiences; connecting you with nature and each other in a more conscious and meaningful way.

Who and what is SNM?
SNM’s mission is helping more people live better lives to become the best they can be. SNM achieves that by leading high-class services of value and quality in elegant outdoor experiences through innovation and curiosity.

Why SNM?
Social Nature Movement in one Greek idea means “Hendiatris” (one through three). Liken that to the Latin phrase “omne trium perfectum” (everything that comes in threes is perfect) emphasising what SNM do; engaging more people with more places and more practices. SNM’s three pillars are the best things in life: being with friends, free-air living and physical activity.

  • Our difference
    Beyond the standard services and programs, SNM offers;
  1. » Something each time for the environment and the community, making every SNM outing bigger than ourselves and the activity.
    » We are the only outdoor education / tourism company to offer upmarket glamping accommodation as part of our activities or used for school camps, school balls, etc.
    » We provide professional end-of-trip video and photos.

  2. SNM provide
    » Qualified, experienced and knowledgeable outdoor instructors
    » Top-quality equipment: Sea Kayaks, Paddle Boards, Packrafts, Mountain Boards, Climbing gear, Bouldering pads, cooking equipment, camping tents, glamping tents,marquees, navigation and survival equipment, stargazing telescopes, snorkelling gear, wetsuits, boogie boarding equipment, rafts, dragon boats and much more!

  3. Unit Standards Delivering outdoor education Unit Standards and Credits. If your school has consent to assess, our qualified instructors are able assess unit and achievement standards and credits for your students! Alternatively, we are able to set up an MOU to enable our team to help assess the relevant activities.

  4. Our locations
    SNM is mobile, we have gear storage locations in 5 different places around New Zealand. We operate Nation-Wide
  5. Health and Safety Find SNM on the NZ Worksafe Register of Adventure Actvity Operators (AAO4317). SNM is externally safety audit certified with Adventuremark.

Programme types

» Outdoor Education
» Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC)
» School Camps
» NCEA Achievement Standards
» William Pike Challenge (WPC)
» Duke of Edinburgh (DOE)
» Custom-made programmes

What we organise

» Catering
» Transport
» Activities
» Timetables
» Gear lists
» Accommodation
» Participant forms
» Safety Management
» Liaise with third parties


Curricular fields trips and EOTC

SNM work alongside teachers and students to know how best to achieve their outcomes. The eight NZ Curriculum learning areas can be enhanced by SNM Curricular field trips:

» English: Written and verbal tasks in the outdoors.
» Arts: Natural environment inspirations - seascape, landscape, rockscape.
   Especially good with materials incorporated into art e.g. shells and seaweed, drift wood.
» Heath & PE: Any outdoor education activity; tramping, sea kayaking, rock climbing, etc.
» Languages: Written and verbal tasks in the outdoors.
» Maths & Stats: Sea Kayaking (charts & navigation) among other outdoor activities.
» Science: Activities accentuating places and the learning about them.
» Social Studies: Exploring human history such as travel and colonization.
   Tramping or sea kayaking enable time to explore the human history and current meanings of places.
» Tech: Crafting - making stuff and applying primitive technologies